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Welcome to SQ1 Fitness and our VIP Online Health & Fitness Coaching Group.

We are Jai & Kate (husband & wife team), Personal Trainers, Life Coaches, Nutrition geeks, fitness enthusiasts, and firm believers that discipline, healthy habits, and an unbreakable mindset can turn your life around—because that's exactly what they did for us, and what we want to do for you. Both Kate and I have lost over 10kgs and kept it off permanently using the same methods we coach our clients through.

 Our VIP coaching group is the BEST way to manage your weight, tone and shape your body, and create lasting healthy habits.

Are you finding it hard to stay motivated on your own?

When you join our fitness community you can't help but catch the motivation bug and start making, and seeing awesome changes with your health and fitness. 

Here's what you'll get when you start your VIP Coaching Group membership:

  • Customised Workout Program: We'll set you up with a personalised program in our online app that you can access from the convenience of your phone. So wherever you are, you'll have SQ1 there to support you and help you stay on track.

  • ✅ Personalised Macro Nutrition Diet Plan: We'll give you a nutrition plan that matches your hard work in the gym. We'll teach you how to eat for fat loss, for toning and shaping - and still enjoy eating. This is not an elimination diet.

  • ✅ Guided Meal Prep & Recipes: We'll provide you with recipes and meal prep strategies so that meals are not only easy - but healthy and delicious. Despite popular belief you CAN enjoy dieting.

  • ✅ Private App Access: Our private app is loaded with hundreds of exercise instructional videos, recipes, as well as your personal workout, diet plan and goal tracking.
  •  ✅ Community Group: Our private app will also give you access to our inner-circle of healthy, positive people to keep you inspired and having fun! 

  • ✅ Monthly Private Coaching Calls: In our monthly coaching calls we will check in on your progress, make any adjustments and updates needed to your program, and continue to stay on the right path and work towards your success.

  • ✅ Weekly Group Zoom Coaching Calls: Our weekly calls will provide support, education, community and Q&A time to help you stay in the zone and build momentum towards your goals.

  • ✅ 24/7 Support: Having access to your coach is critical to stay on track. That's why we're in constant communication to support you and ensure you reach your goals.

  • BONUS: Healthy Mindset Video Training Course: The ultimate course in understanding and implementing the healthy mindset! Includes workout plan, stretch routine, diet strategy, and mindset principles for health success. (life time access)

  •  ✅ Money Back Guarantee: We'll get you positive results in 30 days or your money back!

So if you're ready to quit all the guess work and yo-yo results, and begin transforming your health, join our VIP Online Coaching Group and let's get you started ASAP! 

VIP Online Coaching Group

  • Personal Workout Programs ($199 value)
  • Custom Macro Diet Plan ($199 value)
  • Guided Meal Prep & Recipes ($199 value)
  • Online Training App ($99 value)
  • Private Community Group ($199 value)
  • Monthly coaching calls ($55 value)
  • Progress & Goal Tracking ($49 value) 
  • Weekly Group Zooms ($197 value)
  • 24/7 Online Support (priceless) 
  • BONUS: Healthy Mindset Video Training Course ($299 value)

Total value $1495
Start this program for just... 

$49 per week

$15/ per week

No contracts, cancel anytime


Join Our Online Coaching Group And Start Your Fitness Journey With SQ1 Today!

"Your level of commitment to self-improvement reflects the body, health, and happiness you achieve in your life"

We look forward to helping you reach your health goals, and having you in our community.

Check out the results from our program...


With the right diet and training program, you can lose massive cm's off your waistline like Hitchie has done!


Lose kg's and body fat from your hips, thighs and waist, and improve your mobility and fitness.


Get your post-baby body back and fit into your wardrobe comfortably and confidently.


When you commit to following our system you can turn your age around and feel fit and youthful again.


You CAN get your body back after having a baby, when you have the right Blueprint and take the right actions.


Getting wedding dress ready is easy when you have the support and guidance to reach your goals.

30 day money back guarantee: If you follow the program we set for you, and you don't see any results from the program by day 30, we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked! 

The risk is all on us, so you can be sure we're here to help get you the best possible results!